Style Matters

Maizie admired her feet in the shoe mirror. The Louboutin Follies Strass Pumps were perfect. The flash of red on the bottom sending just the right message. They were so very elegant. She turned around and looked at the back of her legs. Perfect. 

“Wrap them up!” she sang to the salesman. 

He looked up from the dark haired woman he was helping and replied, “Certainly. One moment please.”

Maizie took the waiting time to examine other shoes. She never rushed when shopping. Presently, the pumps were wrapped and bagged, and she was out on the street. She had gone about two blocks when something hit her shoulder hard and the bag ripped from her hand. There was a whisper of wings, a screech, and a clawed leg with black wings and a human head was carrying off her bag.

No, this was not happening. She bolted after the harpy. Fortunately she was not wearing heels. She could run in them, but she was faster in the Ellen Rubens. If the bag had not been heavy for the nasty bird monster, Maizie might have lost her. But when the beast finally came to ground in an alley, Maizie was on her tail feathers. The harpy dropped the bag and shifted back into the dark haired woman that had been trying on shoes in the store. Making sure she was between Maizie and the shoes, the woman spread her claws.

Maizie pulled out her Hello Kitty expandable baton and snapped it out, gripping her favorite sharpened kubaton hand enhancer – powder-coated with blue flowers – in the other. 

“Please return my shoes. Theft is terribly rude.” Maizie was a firm believer in good manners. Without them, civilization would collapse.

The woman who had been the harpy laughed and spoke a stream of inventive invective. Maizie flinched internally. She knew better than to let an opponent see weakness. But seriously, ladies should not swear. The woman leapt at her. Maizie side stepped, striking with the baton. A head shot like that would have dropped a human. Harpies were tougher. The woman shook herself, and lunged again claws extended from her fingertips. Maizie faded back striking at the hand with the baton. Bones crunched and the harpy hissed. Maizie flowed back in, grabbing the broken hand and hooking the kubaton on the back of the woman’s neck flipping her to the ground where Mazie dropped her knee hard on the harpy woman’s head. The she drove the sharp kubaton into her opponent’s throat. 

The harpy twitched and bled out. Maizie felt dizzy and had to sit down.

“Oh my,” she murmured. Blood was so… messy. Only the bounty on the harpy and things like her made it worth it. 

When the police arrived, they commended her for killing the beast. A public service. 

“I didn’t kill her because she’s a harpy. I killed her because she stole my shoes.” But the bounty would pay for a new dress.

Copyright Sabrina Rosen April 2020

Acknowledgment to Amy Augustinyak for shoe advice.

Published by sabrinarosen

Sabrina Rosen is a writer, home remodeler, massage therapist, and, landlord. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two tuxedo cats.

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