Velvet Sky and Other Pocket Myths

My book of flash fiction is now published on Amazon Kindle.

Flash fiction as subtly soft as a velvet sky with hooks that won’t let go.

Dead cats don’t eat kibble
But they still want the bowl full, and a warm place to sleep

A monster uses her stove
She’s found him in the closet and now he won’t leave

Maizie doesn’t expect guests.
The home invaders don’t expect Maizie

A magic storm is throwing rocks
But residents of Lark Row are much stranger than the maelstrom that surrounds them

These 20 pocket myths have twisty ends to delight and enchant the reader. Demons and cats, sorcery and surprises make these pieces of flash fiction a perfect bedtime, or anytime, read.

If you like your stories short and to the point, get it now!

Published by sabrinarosen

Sabrina Rosen is a writer, home remodeler, massage therapist, and, landlord. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two tuxedo cats.

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