Flash Fiction

Holiday Guest

Welcome to October’s Blog Hop, where authors from all over the world tag each other so visitors can follow the links and read all of their stories in one sitting. Enjoy my story, then pick a link below and check out the others. The glass bottle of raw milk slid across the table and smashedContinue reading “Holiday Guest”


“Amy. Please. Don’t.” I said, trying to sound soothing and friendly. The girl standing on the edge of the school roof turned her head slightly, looking at me from the corner of her eye. She said nothing and turned back, looking up at the sky. Amy was not one of my friends, but neither wasContinue reading “Flight”

The Longest Night

Welcome to the July 2020 Storytime Blog Hop! The black water of the pool was surrounded by bones; a smooth mirror reflecting his beaked face. Touching it with a claw, small ripples spread out, deforming the image, then slowly coming again to stillness. How much water did he need to drink? Would a sip do?Continue reading “The Longest Night”


Adele strolled down the path, footsteps even and slow. The trail was heavy with fall color; gold, burgundy, wine red, and she inhaled the scent of dying leaves. Fall was her favorite season. But still, she sighed. Adele was in her own autumn. For the most part, she was not lonely, the cats made herContinue reading “Artifact”

Good Parenting

There was a hand sticking out from the wall. Marik the Noble watched as it twisted and flexed as if stretching. Presently, it was joined by another. By placement, its mate. It too flexed and stretched. Then the mouth appeared. No face, just a pair of lips and a tongue. The lips parted and theContinue reading “Good Parenting”

Triple Cross

A tale of mercenaries and shifting allegiances published in Swords and Sorcery Magazine. Check out thier other great authors!


I had to tilt my head back to look at the web. Seeing it in its massive entirety was better done at a distance, but I had to be here, close enough to see the spider crawling toward one of the climbers. Climbing the web was just recreation on the Sun Dog. But that spiderContinue reading “Mascot”

Threads and Feathers

The air was perfectly still, and this was important, because it meant that the campfire smoke went straight up. Bergen could not afford to disrupt the rhythm of the drum beats once he started. Smoke in his eyes and lungs would most certainly do just that. The crow had said that the spacing of theContinue reading “Threads and Feathers”


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